Secret of Mystery House III: The Bastien Curse

a game by Rex Cartagena

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- Know about The Bastien Curse -
- Listen the to the found audio recording of the previous investigator who went missing -
- Know the Characters -
- Play the previous games -

::Final game version updates::

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Donations for further development

This game is done by me, Rex Cartagena on my spare time balanced with my industry jobs and family. I've been making games since the 90's and this game is the 3rd part of a trilogy, here I did the graphics, animations, game design, programming etc., except on some graphic elements and voiceovers where I got some external help. Now, making this game didn't take much money, I only invested (that I can remember of) on a domain purchase and hosting, but I did invest a lot of time on it and as some say time is money. Yet my main goal wasn't really earn money from it, but if I do earn money from it, either from advertising or donations will be used to keep the development going on new features for this game or new ones and compensate the people that contributed in it. Also I want to put this game on mobile but I need to invest on new dev accounts and test devices. So, if you tried the beta and like it, and would like to see it on mobile, here is a PayPal donation button so I can only invest time to make it instead of money too. Last but not least, if you just like the project I made out of passion for horror and game development and just want to show gratitude, tip, or want more of this kind of games your donation will be welcomed too. For more information you can email me at: rex(at), Thanks!